“Daryl thinks Connie is alive”

I’m a fan of The Walking Dead have been pining for Connie for months now and obviously hope to receive some information about her in the new episodes of the tenth season.

What we do know for sure is that she came out of the cave, together with Magna, but subsequently there was no further news of him and his traces were totally lost. While we all continue to struggle trying to figure out if she is alive or dead, the showrunner Angela Kang assures that for the character of Norman Reedus, Connie certainly survived.

“Part of him has a hard time giving up on someone. You know, like with Rick. Daryl has seen a bridge blow up and catch fire but he never thought he could be dead. He still firmly believes in it. I don’t even think he has. gave up on wanting to find Beth when she went missing. Likewise, I don’t think he’s given up hope of finding Connie“.

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The screenwriter then added: “The problem is that Daryl is a bit distracted at the moment, with the Whisperers and their horde about to attack his friends’ hideout. So. he’s just trying to cope with this as best he can. He has Judith, who is basically like a goddaughter to him. He no longer has parents and so he has to focus a lot on what is right for all of them. No.I don’t think she has completely lost hope that Connie will be alive. “

What do you think about it? Will we see Connie in the next few episodes? Let us know in the comments. Meanwhile, we remind you on 5 October The Walking Dead will start again. In short, there are very few days left until the show resumes.


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