Dark Souls 3 exceeds 10 million units sold and the saga 27 million

Recently the From Software studio wanted to share the sales figures of Dark Souls III and the franchise Dark Souls In general, making it clear that the numbers accompany the international fame that these Japanese video games have achieved.

In total, the license totals 27 million units sold worldwide, while the third party has managed to place more than 10 million copies in stores. This is quite impressive for the final chapter if we consider that the franchise is made up of Dark Souls (2011), Dark Souls II (2014), Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin (2015), Dark Souls III (2016) and Dark Souls: Remastered (2018), thus being five games that share a total with more than a third part attributed to the last one to be launched on the market.

Out of the equation is Bloodborne, a game that shares infinite similarities with Dark Souls but belongs to another franchise. It’s the same with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the studio’s latest job to hit the market.

The franchise has popularly earned a concrete reputation for offering a real challenge in terms of difficulty. Actually what these RPGs offer is a dark and detailed fantasy world with very deep progression and combat mechanisms that require paying more attention to what we do and how we do it than the average AAA titles on the market.

The next step in this direction is Elden Ring, a video game presented during E3 2019 and of which we know very little. We have only been told that we will travel through an open world with the possibility of horseback riding, that we will visit great locations in ruins, that the background of the world in which it is set is written by George R.R. Martin and very little else. Hopefully 2020 won’t end without us seeing some of the game in motion.


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