Dark Souls 3: disabled streamer beats a boss with a controller attached to his mouth

Through the use of a special controller that allowed him to overcome his motor disabilities, the Twitch HandicapableOne streamer managed to beat one of the most grim bosses in the dark-colored universe of Dark Souls 3 without using his hands.

Intended to end the journey of his alter-ego with expansion The Ringed City of Dark Souls 3, the streamer has thus decided to face the fearsome Gael Slave Knight in what, net of the accessibility problems faced by HandicapableOne, is considered as one of the most difficult battles with the bosses of the From Software rolistic masterpiece.

To get the better of Gael, the streamer had to try for five hours, perfectly memorizing the boss's pattern of attacks and moves to anticipate him and sink the blows with his character always through the use of a special controller connected to the chin and mouth. At the bottom of the news you will find the movie that testifies the commitment made by the content creator and the skill shown in the battle against Gael.

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To fans of the Souls series, we remind you that From Software is currently working on the fantasy project of Elden Ring and that the progenitor of the series is at the center of the rumors related to the development by the studios Bluepoint by Demon's Souls Remastered for PS5.


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