Dani Rovira Announces He Has Cancer

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Closing Day - Gala - Malaga Film Festival 2019

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"I have cancer. Already has a first and last name: Hodgkin lymphoma"The actor has announced on his Instagram account Dani Rovira along with a clear message of hope and positive ideas for his followers. "Today is my first day of chemo and a long fight ahead of the ‘bug’. I'm not afraid. I'm quiet"

Rovira knew how to find a place on the Spanish stage thanks to his monologues. As a comedian of stand-up, the actor has managed to combine the idiosyncrasy of his Malaga childhood with a Spanish collective imaginary that led him to sneak into every house in the country through fragments of performances from which it was impossible to escape.

In 2014 everything changed for him again when it was released ‘Eight Basque surnames’(Emilio Martínez-Lázaro), making him the national star of the moment and making him the Goya winner for best new actor in 2015, a gala that, incidentally, was the first of three consecutive ones he has presented.

"If I decide to make this public it is because, for good and bad, I am a public figure. And before the circus of speculation and sensationalism begins in a certain press and on social networks, I prefer to be the main source of information.”, Indicates in his message on social networks. "He has a good prognosis and the doctors give me very good feelings. Of course, I will become part of that high-risk population when the defenses and the immune system begin to fail me in a few days, so I will have to take care of myself, take care of myself and let myself take care of myself a little more. We will be fighting and protecting ourselves at home, with my three dogs and with my life partner, Clara"

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After the success of the Martínez-Lázaro comedy, and repeating joy with ‘Eight Catalan surnames’(2015), Rovira became a must in contemporary Spanish comedy. We were able to enjoy it in ‘Now or never’(María Ripoll, 2015),‘Lost miamor’(Emilio Martínez-Lázaro, 2018),‘Thi Mai, heading to Vietnam’(Patricia Ferreira, 2018),‘Superlopez’(Javier Ruiz Caldera, 2018) and recent ones‘Taxi to Gibraltar’(Alejo Flah, 2019) and‘The Japan’(Álvaro Díaz Lorenzo, 2019). This year he will share a poster with Dwayne Johnson Y Emily Blunt in 'Jungle cruise’, The new Disney adventure with Jaume Collet-Serra to the head.

"I only ask that you continue as before. Taking care of each other. Adding solidarity, humor, humanity … For my part, we will continue to shoulder our shoulders from home. Humor and love is our best recipe”, Sentence. "All this will pass. Encourage everyone in these difficult times. But for that there are challenges, to overcome them and that what has been learned makes us better people"

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