Dani Alves, very critical of Bolsonaro: "You should think about the welfare of the people"

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The captain of the Brazilian soccer team, Daniel Alves, criticized this Wednesday the administration of the country's president, the far-right Jair Bolsonaro, in the face of the coronavirus crisis and recommended that he "think about the well-being of the people."

"I highly respect your Presidency, I highly respect your honor, but there are many families and many people working for the fight against this pandemic, "he affirmed on 10 Sao Paulo on their social media accounts. "You, like the most important person of this country, should also think about the well-being of our country and our people, "he said.

Alves reacted this way after Bolsonaro underestimated, once again, the gravity of the pandemic, criticize the confinement of the population decreed by some regional governors and bet on the reopening of schools. "If the isolation policy continues we will have chaos and the virus together," Bolsonaro reiterated this Wednesday in statements to journalists as he left the Palacio de la Alvorada, his official residence in Brasilia.

The president, leader of the extreme right in Brazil, also branded Covid-19 as a "flu" and advised quarantining only the elderly and people with previous illnesses, contrary to the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO).

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The ruler considers it a priority keep jobs and keep the economy running, which has been harshly criticized by doctors, specialists and political leaders with different ideological biases.

Until Tuesday, Brazil registered 2,201 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 46 deaths, the majority in the state of Sao Paulo (40), where a period of quarantine of 15 days, extendable, has been in force since Tuesday to try to contain the infections. Brazilian health authorities expect a strong rebound of infections by the end of April.

Alves pointed out that "it is a very difficult time for the world" and for the Brazilian population. "As a humble citizen I express my opinion, because I do not want to live without being able to share moments with people or live in fear of them, "said the former player from Seville, Barcelona and Juventus, among other clubs.

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