Cyberpunk 2077, from Night City to freedom of action: new details from CD Projekt

Dopo The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, CD Project RED is preparing to abandon, at least temporarily, the shores of medieval fantasy to accompany gamers among the smokes and neon lights of an ambitious cyberpunk epic.

Waiting to be able to put your hand to the final version of Cybepunk 2077, players can learn some intriguing details about the title, thanks to a recent Q&A which saw the Polish team confront the Russian videogame community. The video, available at the beginning of this news, explores some aspects of the expected RPG.

For example, we learn that the game world has been shaped by welcoming cultural ideas and stimuli from every corner of the globe, including the same Russia: among the Night City gangs, for example, we will find one particularly dedicated to listening to Russian music. CD Projekt RED also confirms that players will be able to make their alter-ego perform typical actions everyday life, while the scenario offered by Night City will change according to different conditions. For example, bad weather conditions or dangerous locations will cause a reduced density of citizens on the streets. Conversely, areas dedicated to an unbridled nightlife will be more frequented when darkness falls. Also, there will be some special narrative events which will lead to the formation of large crowds in the streets of Night City.

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The team also again highlighted the notable freedom offers from the role-playing game, with the protagonist who will be able to create bonds of multiple types with his clients or with the members of the various gangs active in the world of Cyberpunk 2077. It will also be possible to perform actions to villain, like hitting civilians in the streets of Night City, but there will be consequences: the police could for example place a price on our heads, unleashing us against other mercenaries.

In closing, we remind you that on Friday 18 September a new Night City Wire will be broadcast, during which CD Projekt RED will offer further details on Cyberpunk 2077. The appointment with the game’s debut is instead set for November 19th.


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