Cyberpunk 2077: CD Projekt is not 'totally satisfied' with hand-to-hand combat

During an interview with granted on the sidelines of the latest Night City Wire, Pawel Kapala of CD Projekt RED admitted that the development team is not fully satisfied with the hand-to-hand combat of Cyberpunk 2077 and, for this reason , promises to improve them for release in November.

"There are still a couple of months to launch and at the moment I'm working on the combat system in hand-to-hand clashes", begins the Senior Gameplay Designer of CD Projekt before adding that "We are taking a long time to try to perfect it because, basically, we are not 100% satisfied with it, especially in the way in which every physical impact in the fights is returned to the screen".

The same author of the Polish software house then underlines how "I'm happy to say that, even now, it's much better than it originally was. And it will get better and better because we recognize that it's something we need to perfect. But hand-to-hand combat in a first-person game is extremely difficult. To recreate. So, for us it was certainly not an easy task as our experience gained in games with a third person perspective. It was also an important part of our work to understand how a good hand-to-hand combat system develops. body with subjective view ".

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Kapala also offers food for thought on the different ones strategies and tactics to be adopted during the adventure: "Basically you will always have to think about which approach to take from time to time. Sure, technically it will always be possible to use a katana, but if you see a helicopter, would you ever attack it with a sword? I don't think so, it might not be a good strategy".

In leaving you to the comments, we remind all Samurai that on the pages of you will find our latest in-depth analysis on Cyberpunk 2077 weapons and their characteristics.


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