Cup for Mexico: Cruz Azul thrashed America and Chivas to Mazatlán; both qualified for the next round

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(Photo: Special)
(Photo: Special)

Blue Cross confirmed that it is the best team in this return to activity. And is that not only classified to the next round of the Cup for Mexico so undefeated, winning all their matches, so did thrashing 4 to 1 his great rival, the America.

In a match held at the Olympic stadium in Mexico City, the celeste club left with a very young team, so they were clearly overcome almost all the first time by the Azulcrema squad.

The Eagles, with high pressure, they managed to make their rivals nervous and it was through a recovery of Sebastián Córdova that went up on the scoreboard. The midfielder recovered the ball when he was swept correctly, he outlined himself Jesus Crown and with a strong shot and placed was that he shouted his first entry.

Despite this situation, the team of Robert Dante Siboldi it was planted better with the running of minutes, they opened the spaces by means of transitions by the bands and it was in this way that the goal of the tie managed to fall.

Jonathan Rodríguez is the leader of the celestial attack (Photo: Twitter / LigaBBVAMX)
Jonathan Rodríguez is the leader of the celestial attack (Photo: Twitter / LigaBBVAMX)

The goal fell to the 40th minute, after Guillermo Ochoa a Uruguayan auction will be saved in a great way Jonathan Rodríguezbut at the corner kick Federico Viñas he had no reaction and on the ball centered lor directed his own goal.

With equality in the electronic and the beginning of the movements was that America was losing its title pieces and also to football generators.

Own Rodríguez gave the advantage to La Maquina after overcoming the mark of the young Santiago Naveda, who could not stop the path of his rival, who with the left leg finished off and put the ball in the upper angle.

Cruz Azul began to dominate the game and the actions, as a third goal fell in the 53rd minute. Luis Romo took the ball in a bad start from the azulcrema team and filtered through the center of the area to Alexis Gutierrez, who let the ball in and with a low shot beat Ochoa.

Cruz Azul celebrates goal against America (Photo: Twitter / LigaBBVAMX)
Cruz Azul celebrates goal against America (Photo: Twitter / LigaBBVAMX)

Only three minutes later Los Cementeros closed the scoreboard in front of a surprised Americanist box that he could not find a way to stop his rivals. Jonathan Rodríguez won his back to the defenders, controlled the ball and went to Orbelín Pineda, who in a good way put the final 4-1 and thus close the group stage perfectly by adding nine units.

For his part, The Eagles go downhill and his performance in the tournament goes from more to less, and in the clash where he showed his best weapons, he was completely surpassed by the rival.

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Now they would not only have to travel to the city of Guadalajara to face the Semifinals duel, first they will have to wait for Pumas do not exceed Toluca for more goals this Sunday because otherwise they will be eliminated and of course they will be signing their first failure so far this year.

Chivas looks and Mazatlán ends with a single goal

"JJ" scored a double (Photo: Twitter / chivas)

For their part, Chivas closed with victory the group stage in Cup for Mexico, after winning 3-1 to Mazatlan, at the Akron stadium in Guadalajara.

With goals from Jesus Angulo and a double of José Juan Macías, Guadalajara he got his pass to the next round after adding six units and place itself so far as leader of Group B.

Alexis Vega left the ball served for Jesús Angulo, who hit the ball just outside the area, which was deflected by Roberto Meraz, managing to get the ball away from Miguel Fraga to place 1-0 on the scoreboard favorable to the home team.

At the beginning of the second half, Isaac Brizuela sent a center tempered by the right sector for José Juan Macías, who finished with a header without problems to beat Sebastián Sosa and thus extend the advantage for the rojiblanco team with the 2-0.

Fernando Aristeguieta becomes the first player to score with Mazatlán (Photo: Twitter / LigaBBVAMX)
Fernando Aristeguieta becomes the first player to score with Mazatlán (Photo: Twitter / LigaBBVAMX)

Minutes later, in a bad start for the Mazatillo team, "JJ" Macías took advantage of the error and stole the ball and in front of the rival frame he did not waste the opportunity to put on the scoreboard with the 3-0.

The Venezuelan Fernando Aristeguieta He stood up for the Mazatlan squad near the end. He took advantage of the loose rival mark and volley placed the 3-1 on the scoreboard, generating the first goal in history of the ‘Pacific’ team.

With this result, Chivas reached six units, while Mazatlán closed its participation with only one point.

The fight for first place would be disputed against Tigers, after they depend on the result OF the match against Atlas, which will take place on July 12 at 6:00 p.m., on the pitch of the Akron Stadium.


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