Crysis Remastered: The wonders of 8K graphics in the Tech Trailer

After having pleasantly dusted off the meme ‘is Crysis spinning?’ citing it as a Crysis Remastered graphic preset, Crytek releases a new Tech Trailer that shows the title at incredible 8K resolution.

The demonstration film packaged by the German software house runs in fact 4320p with a framerate di 60fps. According to Crytek, the gameplay scenes immortalized in this video were rendered at 8K native resolution, albeit with a loss of quality due to video compression: the advances on unlocking the resolution (and framerate) among the options proposed by the graphic preset seem to be confirmed, albeit indirectly “Is Crysis running on it?”.

Regardless of whether or not you want to do take off your PC By engaging in this kind of benchmark, shooter enthusiasts will get from the current-gen re-edition of Crysis of the 8K textures for the environments and polygonal models, a greater realism in the representation of the vegetation, of particle effects richer and a lighting system driven by Ray Tracing via software even on consoles.

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No less interesting are the additions made to depth of field, motion blur andSVOGI lighting, in addition of course to full support for modern CPU multicore, a real sore point of the original version of the blockbuster FPS. Crysis Remastered is scheduled for release on September 18th on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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