Crysis Remastered brings Ray Tracing to PS4 Pro and Xbox One X for the first time

Crytek’s guys have always aimed to set new standards, and apparently they don’t want to contradict themselves even with Crysis Remastered. The German development studio has indeed succeeded, for the first time ever, in implementing the technology Ray-Tracing (via software) on premium consoles of the current generation, PS4 Pro e Xbox One X.

The benefits of Ray-Tracing in Crysis Remastered have already been analyzed by the editors of Digital Foundry a few days ago, while today a new official trailer entirely dedicated to this technology on consoles, where it runs in real time. The video shows us examples of its implementation in different game areas rendered on both PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X.

In a post published on its official blog, Crytek also specified that the PC version of Crysis Remastered will support both hardware and software Ray-Tracing, along with a software variant designed specifically for AMD’s GPUs. The technology will also be present in all future iterations of the CryEngine. The Ray-Tracing via software developed by Crytek, as the name clearly implies, is made possible by the graphics engine, and it does not depend in any way on the hardware, APIs or RTX cores of NVIDIA cards. For this reason it will be able to run even on less performing video cards, as well as on the premium consoles of the current generation.

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Ray-Tracing is an advanced rendering technique that allows you to realistically simulate the propagation of light rays, reflections and shadows. In Crysis Remastered for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X the benefits will be seen above all in the reflections on the sea, on the glass, on the metal and on the weapons. The PC version, for its part, will benefit from a higher resolution of reflections, as well as Ray-Tracing on the characters and their skin.

Before saying goodbye and letting you watch the video, we remind you that Crysis Remastered will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on September 18th. In the meantime, you can read the review of Crysis Remastered for Nintendo Switch, the platform on which it has already been published.


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