Crunchyroll: Burn the Witch and the other anime to follow in October 2020

It is no coincidence that many consider Crunchyroll the best streaming service for anime fans: the platform boasts a vast library, with titles of various genres. In addition, all subscribers can follow the new series announced at the same time as the Japanese broadcast; alternatively, you can see the free bet after one week.

Recently, Crunchyroll has also begun producing series under the Crunchyroll Originals brand; some of these have already arrived and have managed to conquer the public, like Tower of God and The God of High School. Recently, the platform presented the schedule of the autumn season: let’s find out what the souls to follow in simulcast and which ones to recover in October.

Jujutsu Kaisen (2 ottobre)

Negative emotions such as remorse, shame, and resentment in the long run can lead to the emergence of Curses, which haunt the world and hide in people’s daily lives. Negative entities can even lead to death. The protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen is Yuji Itadori, a physically fit student who is highly coveted by the school’s sports clubs, but who constantly rejects offers.

Yuji prefers to spend the afternoons with members of the Occult Research Club, so that he can leave school in time to visit his dying grandfather, to whom he promises to always help others, to die surrounded by people he loves and who love him. After the death of his grandfather, the protagonist discovers that the members of the club have managed to get hold of a cursed object and without realizing it have conjured a powerful Curse that is haunting the school.

When he sees his friends in danger, Yuji acts on impulse and swallows the cursed talisman: a finger of Ryoumen, known as lo Two-Faced Ghost, once one of the most feared demons.

The boy gets an unrivaled power with which he manages to save his friends, but he is cursed in turn: now he has to live with the demon. Thanks to the help of the powerful sorcerer Gojo Satoru, the hero joins the Tokyo Metropolitan Technical High School of Sorcery, an organization tasked with stopping curses. As a cursed human being, Yuji is the only weapon capable of purging evil from the world.

Jujutsu Kaisen is the transposition made by the MAPPA studio of the homonymous manga by Akutami Gege, published in Italy by Panini Comics.

Burn the Witch (2 ottobre)

Tite Kubo is a well-known name in the Japanese entertainment world, as the author of Bleach, one of the most acclaimed manga of recent years, although the ending has not entirely satisfied the fans. After a period of pause following the end of his most important work, the mangaka is back on the scene with the one-shot Burn the Witch, published in Weekly Shonen Jump in 2018.

Although many were convinced that the author would not have carried on the story, last March an animated transposition of Burn the Witch and the continuation of the manga was announced; but Kubo himself has stated that it will not be a long-lived work and that it may last less than expected.

Between August 24th and September 13th the first three chapters of the “first season” were published (also available on MangaPlus), and waiting to find out when the second part will debut, fans can pass the wait by seeing the film divided into three episodes of Burn the Witch by Colorido studio (the same as Penguin Highway) on Crunchyroll starting October 2nd.

The events take place in London, where most of the deaths are caused by dragons, beings invisible to most of the inhabitants. The only people who can see the fantastic creatures are the citizens of London “Concealed“, but only a few witches and sorcerers have the skills necessary to get close to them.

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Among these are the witches Noel niihashi e Ninny Spangcole, who work for the Wing Bind, an organization tasked with conserving and controlling dragons, ensuring peace of mind for all.

Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon (3 ottore)

Not with a few surprises, the animation studio last May Sunrise announced Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, sequel spin-off di Inuyasha, to which the mangaka also collaborated Rumiko Takahashi.
The half-demon twins Towa e Setsuna, daughters of Sesshomaru, are separated by a sudden fire in a forest. In an attempt to reunite with her sister, Towa enters a mysterious tunnel and is teleported to modern-day Japan. The passage closes soon after.

Stuck in contemporary Japan, Towa is greeted by Under, younger brother of Kagome, and his family. Ten long years pass before the tunnel can reopen, and finally the girl can be reunited with her sister. In this period, however, everything changed: now Setsuna is a demon hunter who works for Kohaku and no longer remembers her sister.

With the help of Moroha, daughter of Inuyasha and of Kagome, Towa and Setsuna will embark on an adventure that will lead them to travel between the two eras to recover a past that seems to be lost.

Noblesse (October 7)

After Tower of God and The God of High School, another Original from a manhwa arrives on Crunchyroll: Nobility, adaptation of the Korean comic by Jae-Ho Son e Gwnag-Su Lee. After treating the ONA Noblesse: Awakening (currently not available with Italian subtitles), Production I.G has also decided to make a series.

After a long sleep of 820 years, Raizel awakens. These is a Nobility, or a thoroughbred noble and defender of his fellow men. To protect his lord, the servant Frankenstein enrolls him in high school Ye-Ran: here Raizel can learn about the lifestyle of humans. However, the secret organization Union he wants to conquer the world and tries to hinder the protagonist’s work by sending modified humans.

Thanks to his power, Raizel stands up for the people he cares about. In the course of the episodes (of which we do not know the exact number) they will discover the secrets behind Raizel’s long hibernation.

ONE PIECE – Saga di Alabasta

One of the most important announcements made by Crunchyroll Italia was the acquisition of the distribution rights of ONE PIECE. The serialization of Eiichiro Oda’s manga adaptation began with the Wano saga (the last one currently in progress) available in simulcast first to subscribers and after a free week.

The platform, however, has specified that the other ONE PIECE sagas will be added from time to time: in fact, after the arrival of the adventures in the East Blue, in the course of September the Saga in Alabasta, one of the most popular with the public.

The Straw Hat Crew, with the support of the princess Bibi, reaches Alabasta, a desert kingdom, now in crisis due to water scarcity and close to an internal revolution: the citizens blame the rulers for the lack of water.

For a long time, in the kingdom he has ruled Crocodile, member of the Fleet of Seven and head of the criminal organization Baroque Works, who organized a sneaky plan to overthrow the government and obtain the Ancestral Weapon Pluto.

During the adventure, the Mugiwara crew must prevent a revolt that could bring down the kingdom, fighting against the various members of the Baroque Works. Luffy, on the other hand, will have to face the dangerous Crocodile, who has ingested the Devil Fruit Sand Sand. During the events of Alabasta, we will meet Nico Robin, a future member of the most rowdy pirate crew ever.


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