Critics rain like never before: "Cristiano creeps across the field"

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The worst sporting moment in the CR7 race also took him in the worst place

Cristiano Ronaldo has been praised for his athleticism and football deployment for the past 15 years … until today, which received a harsh criticism from a legend of the Vecchia Signora, Nicola Amoruso.

“From a few months to here, Cristiano crawls across the field”

Declarations without mercy that the Italian did to Sky Sports and that only confirm the worst sporting moment in the Portuguese career.

Cristiano has only scored 6 goals in 11 matches of a Serie Awhile in Champions could only score Bayer Leverkusen in the five games of the group stage They have been played to date. Respectable figures, but not for the monster that is usually CR7.

"You should have the humility to understand that, at a certain age, rest is more important than playing. His is a complicated management, but I am convinced that you can still make a difference“, Analyzed whoever it was Juventus striker between 1996 and 2002.

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