'Crime against the clock': trailer in Spanish

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While we have just seen the first images of the thriller 'Run Sweetheart Run' and soon we will have the horror movie between us 'Fantasy Island', it seems that Blumhouse still unstoppable and just released the official trailer of his new tape, which will premiere in our country thanks to Universal. Is about 'Time Trial Crime ' and is starring David Oyelowo ('Peter Rabbit 2: On the run') and Storm Reid ('Euphoria').

Written and directed by Jacob Estes, responsible for movies like 'Mean Creek 'or' The Details',the film tells us how, when the detective Jack Radcliff receives a call from his niece Ashley in a state of panic, he quickly comes to his aid, but upon arrival he discovers that his entire family has been brutally murdered. Days after the attack, Jack returns to receive a call from his niece, but this time she calls him from the past. Using the calls to communicate over time, Jack and Ashley embark on a dangerous race against the clock in which Jack will have to face all kinds of adversities and secrets to save the person he loves most.

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Such a thriller supernatural that will delight the most adept at movies with time travel whose cast complete faces like Mykelti Williamson, Byron Mann, Omar Leyva, Shinelle Azoroh and Daniel R. Lawson.

'Crime against the clock 'premieres in our country on February 14.

Time Trial Crime


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