Crash Bandicoot 4: a petition to change the appearance of the protagonists

In the world of video games it is increasingly common to see petitions leave whose purpose is to ask the development teams to make some changes to their products. This is the recent case that sees the protagonist Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time, since the character design was not liked by some users.

Precisely for this reason, someone has decided to start a petition to change the style of Crash, Coco and the other protagonists, so as to make them more similar to what was seen in the first three chapters. Although most gamers have appreciated the design of these protagonists, a small circle of users has been annoyed and, at the moment, they have been collected online more than 1,000 signatures. As you can easily guess, it is a small number of players who can hardly even remotely attract the attention of Toys For Bob, but it is interesting to note that over the hours the number of signatures is slowly growing. To make it all very fun is the risky comparison of the author of the petition of the new Crash to the first version of Sonic of the film that arrived in theaters only a few months ago.

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Just a few weeks ago we saw something similar for The Last of Us Part 2, since many did not like the story and decided to unsuccessfully ask Naughty Dog for a rewrite.

Did you know that Toys For Bob is working on another project besides Crash Bandicoot 4?


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