Cowboy Bebop: the birth of the historical anime is also due to Star Wars

Star Wars is a franchise born from the mind of George Lucas that already in the 70s was a great success, marking one of the cornerstones of the science fiction genre. The universe then expanded with video games and novels, but above all with the new trilogy of the 90s which also helped to give birth Cowboy Bebop.

To reveal it is Shinichiro Watanabe, famous director who has dealt over time with many souls that have become real classics with Cowboy Bebop one of these. Watanabe has published several interviews and AMA, but in one he specified which were the beginnings of this production.

Spike's adventure started almost by accident, when Masahiko Minami, now president of Studio Bones, asked Watanabe if he had new ideas for a project. After some preparations in the following days, Watanabe showed up with "Bebop".

"At the same time, he was around long wait due to the revival of Star Wars that kept everyone in turmoil. This prompted the interest of Bandai's toy division to produce something that had spaceships as a pivotal element – they thought both the series and affiliated merchandising could sell discreetly. That's why the offer for the 'Bebop' project was accepted. "

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Then we know how it went, that is Cowboy Bebop has turned into a much more adult product, becoming the great classic we know today. It is no coincidence that Netflix's live action will be born from the anime.


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