Cowboy Bebop: presented a fantastic 1: 4 scale statue of Faye Valentine

Considered one of the best souls ever made, Cowboy Bebop it is still an incredible, deep, fun and extravagant adventure, set in a future in which humanity had to expand its horizons for a cataclysm that changed the fate of planet Earth.

L'work of Shin'ichirō Watanabe, produced by Studio Sunrise, and arrived on the screens in April 1998, is a profound series, which puts us in front of very particular themes such as sadness, loneliness, depression and existentialism, all linked to the protagonists, which they have their dramatic past and lost ties.

Among the characters presented the most mysterious, and self-centered, is certainly that of Faye Valentine, the beautiful bounty hunter remained in animation suspended for more than 50 years, a detail that made her particularly interesting compared to her companions on board the Bebop spaceship. To pay homage to such a particular character First 4 Figures he made a beautiful 1: 4 scale statue of Faye.

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The statue is 49 cm high, made entirely of resin, and is resting on a circular base where some frames of the anime are shown, the pre-orders have already been opened, and will be available from the first quarter of 2021 in two versions, standard and exclusive. For now only the price of the standard version is known, that is 380 dollars. On the F4F website it is reported: "The concept for this statue developed around the base and the accessories inserted, in fact on the base there is the iconic table with the computer on it, which fans will surely recognize."

At the bottom you can find a presentation image of the exclusive version. Recall that the Cowboy Bebop steelbooks have recently been available, and it seems that Star Wars has influenced the origins of the series.


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