'Contagion': the protagonists give advice on the coronavirus and Soderbergh knew that such a pandemic was inevitable

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Since the first information about the coronavirus, which now has paralyzed much of the planet, began to see the light, there were many who pointed to the realism of the feature film 'Contagion', pointing it out as a kind of premonition of everything that was to come, and has ended up becoming a pandemic.

With COVID-19 jeopardizing some of the most powerful nations — see the United States — the public health division of Columbia University has decided to partner with the main interpreters of the film Steven Soderbergh – with the exception of Gwyneth Paltrow and Jude Law – to shape a series of videos giving advice to face the global crisis.

In them, which you can see at the end of this article, Matt Damon talks about the importance of listening to experts in the field, Laurence Fishburne gives clues about what we can contribute to prevent the spread of the virus, Jennifer Ehle provides information about the vaccine and its development, Kate Winslet gives us a masterclass on the importance of hand washing, and Marion Cotillard It gives an overview of the pandemic and the crux of confinement.

Impossible no. Inevitable.

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Beyond the success of this initiative, during these days the most curious information has come out. Mike Ryan, a writer for Uproxx, recently shared an excerpt from an interview with Steven Soderbergh in 2011. In it, the director stated that, after meeting with experts in the field preparing 'Contagion', he came to a disturbing conclusion: a pandemic like the coronavirus was inevitable.

"There are two things that were disturbing. One of them is that everyone you were talking to said, 'We expect one of the greats.' And some of the stories of people addressing situations, how politicians kept them from doing their work, they were really depressing. How they had to appear where there was an outbreak of a treatable disease, prepared with supplies, and how because of a volatile political situation, they were not allowed to prevent people from dying. They had no jurisdiction Nowhere. You have to ask them to come. They have to be invited. "

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Furthermore, the screenwriter of the film, Scott Z. Burns, who worked closely with the American Center for Disease Control between 2009 and 2010 while documenting, has charged in a recent interview with the Slate outlet. against President Trump's management of the COVID-19 crisis.

"I have heard a press conference that the president gave in which he describes himself as a businessman who does not like people to be seated. Well, I can imagine his opinion on the fire department. I live near a station, and they spend some time sitting when there's no fire, but you can't build a fire department when your house is already burning. Unfortunately, this administration has decided that this is what it wants to do, which leaves people behind When you look at the amount of testing this country has done and compare it to that of other countries, that's the part that scares me.

I find it incredible that our administration is unable to deliver a message on how people can be safe and what our tools are to understand the current outbreak. There is a YouTube video with a song they made in Vietnam about how to wash your hands and how important it is. Why is our government not issuing institutional messages on how to be safe? It's not that complicated. "

All videos of the Columbia Public Health campaign with the cast of 'Contagion'

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