Conor McGregor's latest madness: posted a video eating dead bees

This Monday Conor McGregor He shared on his social networks the snack he enjoyed during the sunny afternoon. It consisted of red fruits, common in their diet, fresh drinks to combat the heat and the surprising presence of a jar of bees.

The Irishman, accompanied by a friend and his partner, opened the lid of the jar and showed on camera that there was a large handful of these dead flying insects that are not usually part of their diet. The former champion of UFC He was hesitant before trying them and even several fell on him as a product of the nervos.

Those present were amazed at what McGregor He was about to do, although they did not stop him and even asked him how they felt, since the scene made them curious. At one point, even her daughter interferes to see what was happening and when her father explains that they were bees, she shouts "no", with a tone of displeasure, and then falls silent.

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The bottle's label said they were black figs with macadamia nuts from Australia and allspice from Jamaica, so it is unclear where the Irishman got the dead insects before eating them.. When he put one to his mouth, and when asked by those present about whether they tasted like honey, he explained that he felt somewhat chewy, but he did not refer to his taste, although judging by his gesture while chewing it, it should not have been delicious.

Beyond the surprise it generated, it is worth clarifying that in some countries, especially Asia, there are those who eat bees, although in the vast majority they are consumed when they are still larvae since they are considered a source of nutrients. However, it remains unclear why. Conor McGregor decided to try them.


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