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Image of Titans 2x10: Fallen

Last Friday the tenth chapter of the second season of "Titans" in DC Universe (USA) while its arrival in Spain is planned through Netflix in a few months. This chapter, titled Fail (Fallen), he focuses on Dick Grayson's jail stay and how he observes his fellow's escape intentions while Gar tries to bring Conner back. However, an attack by Cadmus and Mercy Graves will make the situation of the Titans even more difficult.

Then, after the jump, you can see a review of this chapter of the second season, as well as its synopsis and general impressions. It should be noted that there is danger of spoilers.

2 × 10: Fallen

The Tower of the Titans is attacked by Mercy Graves (IMDB).

  • The chapter begins with Dick Grayson entering prison for seven years for attacking guards at an airport.
  • A family is traveling by car when, suddenly, Mercy Graves receives a call warning her of the appearance of the subject 13.
  • Sore from the misunderstanding with the cops, Conner orders Krypto to get away from him for being dangerous. Although his faithful friend at first doubts, in the end he bows his head and disappears into the streets.
  • A prison guard discovers Dick's profession and asks him to warn of the fights while leading him to a room away from troubled criminals. However, Dick refuses to cooperate, so He is sent to a group room where they reveal that he is a detective.
  • In the tower of the Titans, Gar feels overwhelmed by the problem with Conner and tries to call Dick, but does not answer. After that, get a fin that Krypto is at the door waiting.
  • Donna leaves a message to Dick telling her that Rachel has run away from her. Meanwhile, we see how Rachel enters a social canteen and befriends a young woman I was isolated from others.
  • In the prison party, Dick's companions get upset if he is watching them, but he denies having any problem with them. Shortly after, the guard again asks for Grayson's help and he again states that he only wants to serve his sentence.

Image of Titans 2x10: Fallen

  • Near your room, criminals intimidate an inmate to attack Detective Grayson If you don't want to suffer the consequences. Our protagonist, even having heard it, decides to ignore the situation at the moment.
  • Gar and Krypto meet with Conner and Beast Boy asks for an explanation about their actions, something to which Superboy responds with its origin. Seeing Cadmus agents, Gar asks Conner to return to the Tower of the Titans to prevent civilians from getting hurt.
  • When a girl’s partner takes her by force, Rachel follows them into the alley and uses her powers against him to prevent her from harming her. As they were both scared, Rachel ceases and lets him escape, but a remnant of his power gives life to a gargoyle that ends up killing him away from there. The girl ends up admired by Rachel's powers and takes her to her squat house where she introduces her to her friends.
  • At night, Dick warns his cellmates that his escape plan is complicated and that they will have a hard time if they want to escape. Then, in the middle of the night, one of them explains to Dick that if they are deported they will be killed, so he asks him not to say anything unless he helps them.
  • Already in the Tower of the Titans, Gar tries to convince Conner that they should help each other when, suddenly, Cadmus bursts from the roof with all its artillery. Without hesitation for a single second, the boys and Krypto defend themselves using their powers, but end up being defeated by the organization's resources. Soon after, Mercy pretends to be on his side and asks Conner to return with them.
  • Dick's partners say that they can escape and be saved because Alazul protects them, as they said in their town.
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Image of Titans 2x10: Fallen

  • We came in the final stretch:
    • In Cadmus, an agent informs Mercy of the state of the prisoners and then she visits Gar to make him believe he wants to help her, as Niles Caulder did not do at all. However, he is not persuaded and claims to remain a Titan.
    • Donna watches from afar the crime scene created by Rachel.
    • After the murder of Santos in the courtyard, Dick again warns his teammates to cancel the escape, but they they prefer to move on And seize your chance.
    • At six in the morning, the guards take the foreigners and they manage to take off their handcuffs before being transferred, but they end up being reduced. At that moment, Dick appears to kill the guards and facilitate the escape of his companions. When they get away, Dick is handcuffed again.
    • Donna returns to the Tower of the Titans and is stunned to see the remains of the Cadmus attack and the marks left by Gar.
    • The chapter ends with Mercy Graves informing that they will reunite Gar with his companions while taking into account changes in subject 13.

Titans logo.

Easter eggs

  • In this week's chapter we had one of the biggest surprises of the season and this comes when one of Dick Grayson's cellmates mentions the Alazul That will protect them. Just by seeing the symbol and paying attention to the name, we can see a great similarity with the identity "Nightwing" that will end up taking Dick Grayson, just as he did in the cartoons.

My impression

This week's chapter of Titans is somewhat slower than normal, although it makes clear that it obeys the purpose of serving the purpose of Dick giving one of his first steps to become nightwing, because now he has heard a name and has seen a symbol similar to the one he carries in the comics. From the beginning, it is very emphasized that Dick wants to follow the guidelines of Deathstroke and wants to impose himself not to help anyone else so that civilians do not get hurt, but, little by little, the deal with his roommates and his continued faith in having a second chance, he gets Dick Grayson to rethink himself to help others, although he still has in mind to carry out the sentence for what he did to Jericho and thus move away from his companions so that Deathstroke does not kill them.

On the other hand, Rachel returns a little to her initial position of the series by not trusting adults completely and now sees the opportunity to help others in their own way, although he does not know that his powers sometimes act of his own accord. Given that there are three chapters left for this second season to end, I am not sure what course they want to give Rachel and why they have taken this option to turn her back slightly, when the character could have an interesting course during the "Fall" of the Titans.

However, Gar, Krypto and Conner have a little moment of glory when attacking the Cadmus teamUnfortunately, they do not astonish everything they should, although it is true that Cadmus outnumbered them and had good resources to stop them.

By last, Donna has had a very residual role in this episode being just a mere spectator of the crime scene that Rachel has left. However, we believe that it will end up having an important role for the future and will end up realizing that both adult and young Titans need each other.

See you in the next chapter!

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