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 Comments and references of The Mandalorian 1 × 07: The Reckoning

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Image of The Mandalorian 1x07: The Reckoning

Today Wednesday, a couple of days earlier than usual, this week’s chapter of Disney’s “The Mandalorian”, so as not to step on the premiere in cinemas of "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker". The seventh chapter entitled "The Reckoning" and that is placed in the best so far of the series. Directed by Deborah Chow makes us reaffirm the belief that the director can leave us a spectacular series of Obi-Wan Kenobi, something that we already began to see in the third episode that she also directed.

It shows that we are facing the penultimate episode of the season, so it was time to start joining threads. Part of the elements that the series has left us throughout the first six episodes are recovered for this episode that we already say, it is epic. Its end with a great cliffhanger obviously leaves us wanting more, so we will have to wait until Friday of next week.

An episode in which many characters shine and that delves into that idea that we already discussed with the previous episode, is another very good sample of all that this series can offer. The pity is that we had to wait until these final chapters to enjoy the series at these levels.

After the brief criticism, we will detail what has been seen in the episode. Spoilers notice.

Comments of The Mandalorian 1 × 07: The Reckoning

Image of The Mandalorian 1x07: The Reckoning

  • The chapter begins with Command in the cabin of the ship in the middle of the space. Then he receives a message from Greef Karga. He explains that his escape and attack on the Client has caused his city in Nevarro to be completely filled with imperial ex-soldiers, which is also having an impact on the Union's own business. Greef proposes to make a Customer lock up using the baby as bait. Command could kill the Client, so Greef also gets rid of the Client, and in return lets him keep the baby and also clears the name of Command in the union.
  • Command then puts it like this heading to the planet Sorgan, the same one where he met Cara Dune at the time in the second chapter. We see Cara facing another man in a bar, with a crowd cheering the fight. Cara ends up being victorious, and while he is receiving money from those who have bet, he finds Mando telling him if he wants to work.
  • Command explains the plan. It seems simple, but wants your help. She initially opposes, because it should remain hidden. In fact, if the New Republic discovers it, they will immediately arrest it. However, when Mando explains that he is not a local leader, but one of the Empire, Cara quickly points to mission.

Image of The Mandalorian 1x07: The Reckoning

  • Already in space, on the ship, Mando shows him his arsenal of weapons and tells him to take one. Meanwhile, he explains that he must go to Greef even if he does not trust him, especially after what happened in Sorgan (second chapter). She needs it to keep the baby safe. In this the ship begins to experience turbulence.
  • When you get into the cabin you see that the baby is playing with the controls. After taking control of the ship again Cara tells Mando if he knows someone he can trust with whom to leave the baby.
  • Command goes to planet Arvala-7, until Kuiil (first chapter). There he examines the baby and says he hasn't grown much. Mando tells him that he thinks it is the product of some kind of experiment, but he believes that he has not worked in generic laboratories, and does not seem designed, it seems rather something "evolved". Well-known act Mando introduces him to Cara, and the first tensions between them jump, since each one has worked for one side.

Image of The Mandalorian 1x07: The Reckoning

  • While they speak, it appears through the door the droid IG-11 with a tray with cups of tea. After a tense moment, Kuiil explains that he will no longer go after the baby because he reprogrammed it whole after finding him dead. He had to teach him everything, including how to move and take things. Now it is there to serve you. However it is noted that Mando still has some suspicion towards the droid.
  • Outside, while Kuiil feeds a Blurrg, Mando explains that he has gotten into some problems and needs his help. You can pay very well, because you need someone to take care of the baby. Kuiil tells him that he is not suitable for the job, and offers him to reprogram IG-11 to take care of him, but Mando explains that he does not trust the machine, as it was designed to kill. Kuiil asks if he trusts him. Mando tells him that from what he knows at the moment, yes. Kuiil tells him then that he must trust his work. Kuiil and IG-11 will go with Mando but to protect the child from imperial slavery, he wants nothing more in return. He wants to end the old traditions that still endure. Kuiil tells him that the Blurrgs will also go with him.

Image of The Mandalorian 1x07: The Reckoning

  • On the ship, on the way to Nevarro, Mando and Cara are getting a pulse. A draw is taking place but Baby Yoda reacts to what he sees and raises his hand. Immediately, Cara stops making strength and begins to drown. It is the baby who is drowning her through the Force. Mando realizes the situation and takes Baby Yoda and tells him to stop, that Cara is a friend. Kuiil reacts with a "How curious", and recognizes that the story Mando told him about the creature (second episode) already makes sense. None know what happened, but Kuiil does say he has heard rumors about what the baby does.
  • As a result of the tension, Cara and Kuiil begin to discuss the past in the Kuiil Empire and he defends himself by saying that he gained his freedom with much effort. In this IG-11 is presented, who stares at Cara. Mando breaks the tense moment by asking Kuiil to better pad the baby's crib, to which Kuiil responds by saying that he will make a new and better crib.
  • In the cockpit, Mando and Cara talks about Nevarro and what the mission holds for them. To this IG-11 appears saying that he has already prepared dinner, and asks if it is served there or below. Mando responds by saying that he is not hungry. Cara and Mando then comment on the hatred that Mando has for IG-11 and Mando defends again that he was designed to kill, no matter how much reprogramming he has had.
  • Razor Crest lands in Nevarro. There Greff awaits you with three more bounty hunters. Mando, Cara and Kuiil get off the ship, each mounted in a Blurrg. Greef tells them that Cara must stay so as not to alarm the Imperials given his outfit. Mando says firmly that he will accompany her. Greef ends up accessing.
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Image of The Mandalorian 1x07: The Reckoning

  • Greef then asks to take a look at the Baby, and after verifying that everything is fine, he proposes to start the march and camp on the shore because it will soon get dark. Later we see them around a fire eating and reviewing the plan: entering the Client's house, they teach him the baby as bait and Command kills the Client. Command asks about the soldiers. Greef says that as soon as they are charged to the Client, everyone will end up leaving. Mando questions whether that will happen like this or if they will end up presenting opposition. Greef says that for that there are the three hunters who accompany him and Cara. Greef says there shouldn't be more than four soldiers next to the Client.
  • Greef gets up to catch a piece of meat over the fire and is suddenly attacked by a huge flying creature. Three creatures harass the group. After a crossing of shots for a while, they get away from them. The losses are two Blurrgs and one of Greff's hunters. Then we discover that Greef has suffered damage. He has a wound on his arm. The poison is spreading through his body and he will die if he doesn't receive assistance anymore. Cara uses a medpac on Greef and needs another, but nobody has any more. A death is predicted for Greef but the baby comes out of his crib and approaches Greef's arm. When they are going to take him away from all that, Kuiil says to wait. The baby puts his hand on Greef's wound and heals his arm instantly. Everyone is surprised.

Image of The Mandalorian 1x07: The Reckoning

  • The next day they continue their march. Mando and Cara comment if maybe Greef will change his mind about the plan after what happened, so they should be vigilant. The group reaches a cliff. Suddenly Greef turns and shoots his two soldiers. He tells Mando that he planned to kill him and keep the baby, but after what happened last night he couldn't let that happen.
  • After forming a new alliance between them they comment on what the new plan will be. They agree that Kuiil take the baby and take it straight to the Razor While Command, Face, Greef and the empty cradle go directly to the Client. They will tell you that Cara was the one who captured Mando.
  • The trio and the crib go to the city. He realizes the large number of Imperials there are. They enter the Client's house and there they see that there really are only four soldiers accompanying the Client. Meanwhile Kuiil is still on his way to the Razor.

Image of The Mandalorian 1x07: The Reckoning

  • The Client, Mando and Greef sit at the table. Another pair of soldiers enter. After a few words about what the revolution and the New Republic has brought, the Client asks to see the baby. Although he is told that he is sleeping, as an excuse not to open the crib that is empty, he insists. When he is about to open it, a soldier approaches. The Client apologizes and says that he must answer that call. Taking advantage of the fact that they are alone at the table, Mando takes off his shackles and asks Greef for his blaster. It seems the perfect time to attack.
  • The Client answers the call. Is Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito). He asks if they have brought the child. The Client says yes, but he is sleeping. Moff asks him to check it out and makes a gesture. Act, multitude of shots begin to rain around the room, killing the Client and all the soldierss. Command and the rest are put under cover. They see that there is a wave of soldiers outside who are responsible for the shooting, apparently Shadow stormtroopers. Then a multitude of assault soldiers arrive.
  • Command contacted by radio by Kuiil to ask if he has reached the ship already. He tells her that he hasn't arrived yet. Mando tells him to go to the ship and go with the baby, because they are cornered. This communication is intercepted by two soldiers They ride their speeders and go after Kuiil.

Image of The Mandalorian 1x07: The Reckoning

  • We see a TIE Figther land and Moff comes out of it. He goes to Mando and tells him that he has something he wants, and that Mando is not really aware of what he has in his possession. He assures you that he will be yours very soon, and that It is "more important to him than they will ever know".
  • Command contacts Kuiil by radio to find out if he has reached the ship. We see plans of Kuiil running in his Blurrg as the two speeders approach him. He is about to reach the ship, but the next thing we see is a plane of the baby on the ground, which is picked up by the soldier in his speeder for a moment to see Kuii's lifeless bodyl, while we keep listening to Mando calling him on the communicator.

References for The Mandalorian 1 × 07: The Reckoning

Image of The Mandalorian 1x07: The Reckoning

  • On the planet Sorgan we see Cara face a Zabrak. We already saw one of these in a previous episode. This breed is especially prominent because it belongs to Darth Maul and not too many have been seen in the Star Wars movies.
  • In this same scene, among the crowd we can see a man wearing the same helmet that the Rebels wore during the battle of Endor in Episode VI.
  • One of Greef's soldiers is a Kadas’sa’Nikto, which quickly reminds us of Neeku Vozo, of animation "Star Wars Resistance".
  • Attending the bar in the house where they meet with the client we can see a droid, which is none other than a Death Star Droid, seen in the Death Star in the original trilogy.
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