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 Comments and references from The Mandalorian 1 × 01: Chapter One

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Image of The Mandalorian 1x01: Chapter One

This past Tuesday the Disney + platform was launched in the United States, and with it came the first episode of the series “The Mandalorian”, the highly anticipated Star Wars project that for weeks we have been hearing very good reviews.

Today also comes the second episode of the series, which from now on will be released weekly every Friday, and as we usually do with many series, we review our comments on the series.

We are facing a very special episode as it marks the starting point of the entire series. The bar was high, and the truth is that the series fulfills its mission. The series sets some very interesting bases to explore in the future, establishing a fairly solid scenario, despite the little we know at the moment.

It is true that It is not a series designed for lovers of the Jedi side of the Star Wars universe, but is intended for fans of the universe set in Star Wars, which is not the same. Given this premise, this episode, which as stated in the past seems like a western Galactic, it's delightful. Good pace, good approach and plot of intriguing moment.

To put a but, perhaps special effects, specifically the part of the blurrgs – which I did not quite believe – or that some planes are clearly omitted to save the effects, but it is true that the impressive finishing work behind the series is noticeable, and therefore, there is no complaint.

Comments of The Mandalorian 1 × 01: Chapter One

Image of The Mandalorian 1x01: Chapter One

  • The episode starts with our protagonist tracking his next capture, Mythrol, for which he will be given a juicy reward. Mythrol is in a canteen, but there some thugs are already threatening him. The Mandalorian enters the canteen causing everyone's attention, including the “leader” thug, who goes after the Mandalorian accusing him that he has thrown the drink. Quickly begins a fight in which the Mandalorian wins.
  • The Mandalorian then goes to Mythrol to take him to collect the reward, and although he offers money in return, the Mandalorian says he can take it alive or dead.
  • After leaving the planet, not without incident, Mythrol pretends to go to the fourth bathroom to investigate the ship. There he meets others who are locked in carbonite. The Mandalorian then surprises him and also locks him in carbonite. This is a clear reference to when Han Solo is encased in carbonite in the original trilogy.

Image of the first season of The Mandalorian

  • The Mandalorian will deliver all this “merchandise” to Greef Karga. After a tug of war over the value of the merchandise, because Greff pays him in imperial credits and the Mandalorian refuses because he states that "the Empire is over", – in clear reference that this is located after what is seen in "Return of the Jedi"-, he ends up paying at flan squid.
  • Following the agreement, Greef offers new rewards, four fugitives and a smuggler. The Mandalorian wants to keep them all, but Greef tells him that he can't, because they are all the jobs he has and he has more union bounty hunters to take care of. When asked about his highest reward and he says 5,000, the Mandalorian tells him that this amount is insignificant. Greefle offers a job, a direct commission and a high amount. The Mandalorian accepts the offer and goes to see what it is about.

Image of The Mandalorian 1x01: Chapter One

  • At the meeting place he runs into a series of imperial soldiers, and after a tense moment, we meet "The Client" and Dr. Pershing. In advance of your work they give him a piece of beskar, Mandalorian iron with which these are made their armor, and they promise that they will have a full cargo when they deliver the asset, alive or dead. The little they tell him about this asset is his age, 50 years, and his last position.
  • The Mandalorian then heads to a meeting point for the Mandalorians. Here he delivers the flan squid which he won before and the beskar. A piece is forged for his shoulder, and iron is left over for other deposits. The Mandalorian reveals that he was also an expository, and then we see several flashes of his past, being able to see who we assume is himself as a child living an attack and how his parents must abandon it by hiding it.

Capture of the second official trailer of The Mandalorian

  • The Mandalorian lands on the planet where his asset is. There he is attacked by some creatures but is saved by Kuiil, the character that Nick Nolte gives voice to, who throws soothing darts at the two blurrgs that attacked him. He quickly identifies him as a bounty hunter and agrees to help him. After going home, Kuiil explains that many have already come to capture the one after which the Mandalorian goes, and tells him that he also helped them. He tells him that he can tell him where the camp he is looking for is in exchange for staying one of the blurrg, because the other will need it to move around the planet.
  • After a quick learning session to ride a blurrg, and appeal to the past of the Mandalorians, who were able to ride the great mitosaurus, the Mandalorian manages to dominate the blurrg. After that they go to the camp. Although he offers some money, Kuiil refuses, because he wants to end this situation so that mercenaries stop coming.
  • Investigating the camp, the Mandalorian sees that there is already a bounty hunter heading to the camp in search of the asset, the droid IG-11. The droid confronts everyone in the camp, killing some and others hiding. The Mandalorian then appears as a union partner but is quickly outnumbered. The Mandalorian identifies himself as a member of the union.
  • After a meeting of who should keep the reward, they agree to seize the asset together. They are quickly attacked by camp members. Another of the great moments of action of the episode, at face these two to endless hordes of attackers. After threatening to initiate the self-destruction process on several occasions, the Mandalorian manages to convince IG-11 to make a joint plan and kill all the attackers.
  • Then they enter the building where the asset is, and discover that who they are looking for is in a crib, which seems not to fit the information that he was 50 years old. IG-11 then suggests that species age differently. It is revealed here to the great surprise that it's a baby of the same species as Yoda. IG-11 then reveals its plans to end the asset. Although the Mandalorian tries to get him alive, given the persistence of ending the little creature, the Mandalorian ends up shooting IG-11 in the head. The episode ends with the Mandalorian extending his finger to the little creature and this one reaching out to take it.
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Image of The Mandalorian 1x01: Chapter One

References of The Mandalorian 1 × 01: Chapter One

The episode leaves small references to the Star Wars universe that help give the series more wealth. Some of these references are:

  • The sequence of the beginning canteen is undoubtedly the one that leaves us the most reference because we have a large gallery of characters and aliens. Among them, near the bar, seems to distinguish Chussido, whom we already saw as one of Enfys Nest Cloudriders in "Han Solo: A Star Was Story". Here we also see a couple of creatures playing Sabacc, the mythical card game that we also saw in the Solo movie; and even to Constable Zuvio and his followers, creatures we saw in "The Force Awakens".
  • In that tribute that the series will make to the Star Wars Christmas special, the series leaves us a small reference to this when Mythrol maintains a small moment of “intimacy” with the Mandalorian and comments how he expected to have spent the Day of Life with his family.
  • Delivered the merchandise, Greef Cargo tries to pay in imperial credits but the Mandalorian refuses. This situation clearly remembers when in "The Phantom Menace"Qui-Gon Jinn tries to pay Watto in credits of the republic and he refuses.
  • When the Mandalorian enters that "home of the Mandalorians," we can see other warriors, and one of them seems to be boba fett. Although the fate of the bounty hunter has not been confirmed after what was seen in "Return of the Jedi", it should be noted that beyond the movies, in "Aftermath" Chuck Wendig, it has been said that his armor ended up in the hands of another person.

Image of The Mandalorian 1x01: Chapter One

  • Kuiil refers to the mitosaurus, which is a clear reference to the stories of the Star Wars Legends universe. The skull of this creature is also the symbol that can be seen in Boba Fett's armor or the one we see in the episode when the Mandalorian in his tribe's lair.
  • In this same place, who is responsible for forging the piece to the Mandalorian, refers to the Great Purge. Also "The Client" refers previously to restore the natural order of things. It looks like all this is going to remain the topic to talk about in the series.
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