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 Comments and Audiences Supergirl 5 × 05: Dangerous Liaisons

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Image of Supergirl 5x05: Dangerous Liaisons

Leviathan, the enemy in the shadows execute a blow that will put the entire world at risk and Lena Luthor uses Malefic to carry out her plans in the last chapter of "Supergirl"

“Dangerous Liaisons” fifth episode of the season aired last Sunday November 3 attracted 0.78 thousand spectators with a demo of 0.2 / 1 from an audience between 18 and 49 years old. We are facing a fairly pronounced fall (17%) compared to the previous episode, 5 × 04 In Plain Sight, which we remember was followed by 0.945 thousand spectators.

After the usual numerical review we begin to comment on the episode. Spoilers notice.

Image of Supergirl 5x05: Dangerous Liaisons

Comments Supergirl 5 × 04: Dangerous Liaisons

  • With Obsidian North about to launch its technology to the global market in just a few days, Kara Danvers invites William Dey to the DEO so that he and the organization can collaborate together to discover the possible crimes linked to Andrea Rojas that Dey has been investigating.
  • After questioning Breathtaker, the metahumana that Kara captured in Mexico, the group learns that a technological killer by name Rip Roar was guilty of the death of Elena Torres, the Obsidian North worker in Mexico.
  • Upon hearing the description of Rip Roar, William Dey deduces that it is of the same murderer responsible for the death of a friend his name Russel Rogers.
  • Rip Roar is contacted by the agent of Leviathan, the same one that approached Eve Teschmacher at the end of the fourth season. The woman orders the criminal to steal a weapon created by Lex Luthor call "Laser Marathon" from Fort Summit.Image of Brainiac-5 in Supergirl 5x05: Dangerous Liaisons
  • In the DEO barracks, Brainiac 5 use the symbiotic creature called Aurafaciano to delve deeper into the link that surrounds the last villains with whom Team Supergirl has been fighting recently. The interrogation turns out to be fruitless and ends up frustrating Kara.
  • William Dey is honest with Kara and tells him how his best friend, Russel Rogers, was killed by Rip Roar Two years ago. He also confesses that he knew that Russel had an intimate relationship with Andrea Rojas, this being the reason why Dey has fully immersed herself in the investigation.
  • Rip Roar assaults a military base in New Mexico and steals a proton generator that joins the Laser Marathon, thus increasing its firepower. Supergirl tries to stop him but Rip Roar gives him a blunt blow with his weapon and runs away.Image of Supergirl 5x05: Dangerous Liaisons
  • Team Supergirl discovers that the technological villain is heading to a research station in Antarctica. Brainiac 5 deduces that given the power of the improved Rip Roar canyon, he will use it to try to melt Lake Volstok, this being one of the largest bodies of water on the Antarctic continent that when melting it could mean a massive flood With global repercussions.
  • Supergirl and Martian Manhunter they go to the place but Rip Roar already triggered the canyon so that Lake Volstok begins to melt creating a huge geyser that begins to create gigantic waves around the coasts of the world. The two heroes fly around the geyser to create a vortex that returns the water to its channel. Subsequently, Kara uses her super breath to stop the water leak.

Image of Nia Nal / Dreamer in Supergirl 5x05: Dangerous Liaisons

  • In National City, in the midst of the global launch of Obsidian technology, the inauguration is obfuscated by the dangerous waves looming over the city. Dreamer / Nia Nal He uses his powers to repel huge swells.
  • Rip Roar is arrested and it is discovered that the identity of this is russelWilliam's friend allegedly died, as well as that the technology of his suit is really fused to his body. William Dey is stunned by this revelation.
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Image of Supergirl 5x05: Dangerous Liaisons

  • After the crisis in National City by the big waves, Kelly Olsen presence how Alex Danvers is exposed to a mortal danger. Having seen this emotionally breaks Kelly, who is comforted by Nia. This is due to Olsen's previous fiance died in combat during his military service.
  • Leviathan's agent meets with Andrea Rojas and reveals that they were behind the attack. The woman tells Andrea that Leviathan is wherever and He entrusts him with a new mission.
  • Parallel, Lena Luthor continue to deal with Ma’alefa’ak J’onnz in his L-corp laboratory. The Martian tells Lena that he will only help her if he allows her to finally kill her twin brother, J’´onn, Lena refuses at this since its goal is to prevent humans from continuing to hurt each other.
  • Lena uses Ma’alefa’ak to replicate her telepathic powers in living creaturess. In the end, tycoon Luthor manages to put the game pieces in his favor against Ma’alefa’ak and manages to imitate his telepathy using Obsidian contact lenses and the investigation of the so-called “Q Waves”

Easter eggs and references Supergirl 5 × 04: Dangerous Liaisons

Image of Supergirl 5x05: Dangerous Liaisons

  • It is discovered that the last villains, which we have seen throughout the three recent chapters, Caroline O'Connor, Breathaker Y Rip Roar They are linked to the Leviathan criminal organization. Breathaker in the comics is a metahuman with powers of aerokínesis and is the enemy of the Teen Titans.
  • Lena Luthor gets telepathic skills thanks to the "Q Waves" and her research carried out with Ma’alefa’ak. In the Silver Age of comics, Lena too get telepathic skills after coming into contact with a "Space brain" with which his brother Lex was doing experiments.
  • Rip Roar in DC comics is a being that comes from the planet Apokolips who has faced the Super-team of Young justice. In "Supergirl" the character is more like the villains of Marvel Comics , Fixer already Doctor Octopus Due to its mechanical tentacles it uses as a weapon.
  • Among the creatures that Lena uses in her lab to test Ma’alefa’ak's telepathic abilities are a Daxamite scorpion, from the world of origin of Mon-el, in addition to a earthly oceanic devil Y a Maladorian dendroaspis, a kind of alien reddish lizard.
  • The human version of Ma’alefa’ak is interpreted by Phil LaMar, dubbing actor with great experience who has worked on multiple DC projects and is best remembered for being the voice of John Stewart / Green Lantern in the classic animated series of Justice League and its continuation Justice League Unlimited as well as many other characters.

Next chapter “Confidence Woman” is issued today

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