"Cole Sprouse is the funniest"

The Riverdale footage is pending for several months and it is not yet clear when they can finally start again, but apparently all the cast members of the series continue to keep in touch with each other even during the quarantine, as revealed by Madelaine Petsch.

"Our group chat is always on. It never goes out" Cheryl Bossom's interpreter said during a recent interview with US Weekly. "Cole [Sprouse] is the most fun in general. He always manages to make us laugh. "

As for it state of work of Riverdale 5, the actress explained: "I think everything is still pending. I think we won't be able to go back to shooting until the pandemic stops a bit. I don't think things can change overnight. we know, it's still pending. So we're just weighing to keep life dear. "

About Skeet Ulrich's absence next season, Petsch said: "I haven't really thought about it yet. I'm sure that when we get there we will notice it, but a lot of things are changing. I'm curious to know what will happen."

For more news on the cast, we refer you to the reasons for the social silence of Cole Sprouse and the effects of the lockdown on Lili Reinhart.

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