COD Warzone: the new operator bundle is dedicated to Gaz

If you are a longtime fan of call of Duty, know that from today it is available in the shop of Modern Warfare and Warzone a new package dedicated to Gaz, character known in the fourth chapter and in MW2.

The Gaz operator Bundle it has a cost of 2,400 Points COD, or about 24 euros in microtransactions, and includes the following objects:

  • Saber, Kyle's legendary skin
  • Respected boss, legendary project for assault rifle
  • Carrista, legendary pistol project
  • Sticks, epic melee weapon project
  • Willpower, epic clock
  • Nice to kill you, Kyle's finishing move
  • We can close it here, Kyle's joke
  • For his majesty, epic business card
  • Union Jack, epic emblem

Speaking of news, we also remind you that with the weekly update of the playlists, which took place during the evening yesterday, the BR Quartetti mode is finally back in Call of Duty Warzone, accompanied by Malloppo Quartetti.

Do not forget also that, following the numerous complaints received by the players of the classic multiplayer and the battle royale, Infinity Ward has announced the imminent arrival of an update of COD Modern Warfare and Warzone aimed at improving the balance of weapons.

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