COD Warzone and Modern Warfare: removed the "OK" emote, that's why

Over the past few hours, one of the emotes available in. Has been removed Call of Duty Warzone and Modern Warfare. The gesture, called "OK", has been silently removed by the development team, who has not yet disclosed the reasons behind this action.

According to the most informed users it seems that the OK gesture, usually used to confirm another person, can in some cases be linked to racist is white supremacists. According to some articles published on the web, the gesture in question makes the hands assume a particular position that recalls the W and the P, which would stand for "White Power". In short, to dissociate from possible misunderstandings, the development team decided to permanently remove the gesture. Although most users made use of that emote simply to let allies know they understood their message, there was a serious risk that someone could use it for other purposes.

Waiting for a confirmation or a denial from the developers, we remind you that the weekly playlists of Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone have been updated this evening.

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Did you know that it's impossible to disable COD Warzone's Cross Play on Xbox One?


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