COD Modern Warfare and Warzone: also the new Clash Tournaments between the weekly playlists

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Again there was a playlist update that involved both Call of Duty Modern Warfare that battle royale mode, Warzone. The changes concern not only multiplayer, which includes some of the most loved playlists by players, but also the free to play mode.

Those who want to try classic multiplayer can play the first one Tournament of Season 4, which allows the most skilled players to defeat opponents in series on Clash and grab a lot of Experience Points and, with 4 consecutive victories, an exclusive project for the Grau assault rifle which is called Alabaster, which colors the weapon white. Among the other playlists we find then Shipment 24/7, Rust 24/7 is Shoot House 24/7. To these is added the Game of Arms in Veteran mode, which we remind you offers the same rules as the classic modes but removes the interface. In short, if you have challenges to complete to unlock the camouflages of weapons or some of the rifles of the old seasons, this is the right time to return to the field. As for Warzone, the available modes are Single, Couples, Teams, Teams of 200 players is Team swag.

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We remind you that on our pages you will find the list with what users say are the strongest weapons of COD Warzone after the arrival of the latest patch.

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