COD Cold War: interactions with COD Warzone and absence of the Season Pass

During the presentation of the multiplayer sector of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, Treyarch he explained how Cold War e Warzone they will interact with each other. According to the software house, the two games will support the cross-play and cross-progression functions.

Games, in particular, will support the functions of cross-play e cross-progression. But not only: the battle royale will continue its evolution even following the launch of COD Cold War, going to welcome some of the topics, of the weapons and of operators of his older brother. At launch, the new COD Black Ops will feature a new progression path, which will later link to COD Warzone, with the ability to unlock items for use in both titles.

Both Warzone and Cold War will also welcome seasonal post-launch content, which will be distributed through Store and a system of Battle Pass. The latter, just like in COD: Modern Warfare, will include achievements that can be unlocked for free, simply by playing. The Battle Pass will debut at the same time as the publication of post-launch seasonal content releases. Essential element, Activison confirms that there will be no Season Pass for COD Cold War: Post-launch multiplayer maps and modes will be free and distributed for free on all platforms.

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Discussing the connections between COD Warzone and Cold War, Treyarch’s creative specialist, Miles Leslie, explains: “We didn’t want players to feel like they have to start all over again […] One thing we think is important is to allow players to use progression-related characters, weapons, and items. For this investment and progression in Cold War are reflected in Warzone. These are two very big games, but we built them from the start to work together“.

For more information on the game, on the pages of Everyeye you will find the tried of the multiplayer of COD Black Ops Cold War made by our Francesco Fossetti.


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