Chuso García Bragado: "My last Games? I also thought that the last ones were going to be in Beijing"

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'Chuso' García Bragado, Spanish athlete who has participated in seven Olympic Games, went through SER Deportivos to comment on the decision of the International Olympic Committee to postpone the Olympic Games.

"Right now it seems reasonable to me. Considering that this weekend the Swimming and Athletics Federations of the United States said that you could not compete, has been the tip "he began to explain.

"I understand that it is taking a long time to say a new date because there are economic interests, television rights, and there are a number of actors who are trying not to harm each other," he added.

Regarding the possibility of delaying them to 2021, the 50-year-old athlete affirmed that "some Olympic Games in odd years I do not know, but nobody says that it cannot be so".

Regarding whether, in case of delaying the Games for one or two years, which the last ones could have been the last ones, Bragado said that "Yes, but I also thought that my last games were going to be in Beijing."

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"But now what I think about is going game by game, as Cholo says. I have been dragging some discomfort, from Qatar, and now I will calmly be able to recover them and from there we will see," he concluded.

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