Chromecast updates to play audio in the background on Android TV

Android TV has Chromecast functionalities integrated into the system itself via Chromecast Built-In. In other words, it is an application preinstalled on Android TV by Google itself. One of the problems that it presented is that when sending content using this function, the audio-only worked when the app was in the foreground.

Through an update, as pointed out by 9to5Google, Android TV can now maintain audio for those Chromecast applications, even when we put them in the background.

Audio will no longer stop when returning to the main interface

Android Tv App

Chromecast Built-In is an application pre-installed on Android TV that allows us to send content to the television using the classic Google system. That is, it is enough to send the content from those applications that have Chromecast support. The main drawback was that bypassing these apps to the background, the audio stopped playing. This implied that if, for example, we sent music and went to the Android TV interface, the audio stopped.

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The update includes new Chromecast shortcuts from the Android TV main menu to return to the content playback interface

With the new update, the problem is solved. It does so by means of a new notification that indicates on the home screen that the audio is playing. Similarly, they point out from 9to5Google, who have already been able to test the function, that there is a new ‘open’ button to return directly to the Chromecast user interface, with the content that we were already playing.

As usual, the update is being rolled out progressively, so it may not be available yet for all users. However, it is a matter of days that this new function is implemented and we can enjoy the audio in the background when ‘casting’ content.


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