Chapter 128 of The Attack on Titan is now complete. Release date announced

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The attack of the Giantsstep by step, month after month, it gets closer and closer to its natural conclusion. Isayama he works tirelessly to present an ending that can satisfy the public, but above all that can leave something to the people who have followed him relentlessly since the release of the first chapter back in 2009.

The last issue, 127, had known fire the minds of the readers, giving rise to new questions about how the whole series could end. We have witnessed the clash of will between two historical characters of The Attack of the Giants and, once again, we have confirmed that the entire saga, since the time jump occurred years ago, no longer has a real protagonist, breaking down thus the figure of the classic hero.

Well, on the anniversary day of the second trailer of the first season released seven years ago, we also want to announce that, as always, with the approach of the new month, it also approaches the release of the new chapter of the evenings of Hajime Isayama. Just today the announcement arrived, through the Twitter channel of @AoTWiki, that the workings on the chapter 128 have finally ended and will be released on April 9 Japanese time.

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As you can see from the post at the bottom of the article, it reads: "Chapter 128 of The Attack on Titan has been completed and is ready to be published." While, in the comment immediately below, always AoTWiki, reports an image with Japanese writing announcing the day of exit, with an attached caption that says: "Chapter 128 of The Attack on Titan has the official release date, April 9 (Japanese time)".

There is no doubt the hype that all the fans in the world are hearing right now. By now every chapter that Isayama produces is a world to discover and above all a step closer to the end. The situation starts to get excited and extremely excited, but for the moment stay focused on April 9, because soon we could add a new piece to the extraordinary adventure that Eren and comrades have been living since the first page published back in September eleven years ago.

What do you expect from the new chapter? Are you curious to read it and find out what Isayama has reserved for us this month? Let us know below in the comments.

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