Chadwick Boseman, the memory of Lupita Nyong’O: ‘I can’t talk about him in the past tense’

He still can’t resign himself to the disappearance of Chadwick Boseman, Lupita Nyong’O: in a message posted in her Instagram stories and shared on Twitter, the Black Panther star gives fans her memory of the recently deceased actor and does not hide his immense suffering.

I write these words from a place without hope to remember a man who had so much hope. I find it difficult to talk about my friend, Chadwick Boseman, in the past tense. It makes no sense. The news of his death hits me in the face every day. I know we are all mortal, but in life you meet people who seem to have an immortal energy, as if they have always existed, who are exactly where they should be, who seem have no age. Chadwick was one of these people“begins the message of the actress.

Nyong’O prosegue: “Somehow Chadwick always managed to take his time. […] I noticed that Chadwick didn’t seem like it never be in a hurry. He mastered his time with ease … […] He raised the bar of goals by working with generosity of spirit, creating an environment devoid of self-centeredness, always with an energy on him and a big hug to share. His huge hands fell on my shoulders and gave me a squeeze that I relieved all tension that I didn’t realize I was holding back“.

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His words were flawless. I never heard him complain, and he would have had things to complain about! I think it included the power of words and had decided to manifest power through them. He used his mouth to build, never to destroy. And he used it to make incredibly bad jokes. He never went against himself. He really seemed to love himself; expressed always his personality, even when it meant not smiling when you expected it would. And perhaps for this very reason he was able to love so many people so deeply. […] Chadwick’s death is something I can’t metabolize now. Maybe with time … Mi I’ll take my time… And in his honor I promise not to waste it. I hope you will do the same“finally concludes the actress.

Recently, Letitia Wright also wanted to remember Chadwick Boseman; fans, for their part, are opposing the idea of ​​a recasting for Black Panther.


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