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Chabelo is once again a victim of coronavirus memes

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Faced with the new coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) that humanity faces the former driver and friend of all children, Xavier López Chabelo once again became the center of attention on social networks and not for a return to television but for the immortality that has made him famous.

And it is that as many know the children's entertainer has earned thousands of memes due to his advanced age but with a too young appearance because he was one of the first celebrities to have his own program on Televisa.

Now faced with this disease that spread immediately throughout the world and has claimed thousands of lives, Internet users assure that this will not be the exception because they believe that Chabelo did not get coronavirus which has caused humor for Internet users because they consider him immortal.

"At times like this, on Sundays of #Coronavirus pandemic we need #Chabelo", "Chabelo seeing us disappointed because we are alarmed by a virus, when he survived the 10 plagues of Egypt", were some of the comments received by the famous .

It is worth mentioning that a few days ago Chabelo reached 85 years of age, so his closest circle of friends came to his home to celebrate his birthday in a big way, which was a lot of fun.

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