Cells at Work !: the film is shown in a first trailer flanked by the release date

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The one of Cells at Work! is a series that has proved capable of quickly conquering the appreciation of countless readers and spectators scattered in every corner of the globe, first thanks to the paper work and subsequently through the animated adaptation that has contributed to making the franchise known also in the West.

After the end of the first animated season, however, the team that had worked on the series remained in religious silence, with many who had imagined that a second season of production would never see the light of day. A little surprise, however, Cells at Work 2! it has become a reality still in progress, a work which will also be followed by an animated series spin-off is a film widely expected among fans.

Well, recently the official Twitter account dedicated to the franchise published a short tweet in which the release date of the film was revealed, or on September 5, 2020 in Japanese cinemas. In addition, the occasion was used to showcase a new poster of the work flanked by a trailer – both of which can be viewed in the news -, a video through which it is possible to observe some of the situations and characters that will be the background of the stories narrated . Furthermore, according to what was declared, the film will adapt the fifth volume of the paper work.

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Before saying goodbye, we remind you that the interesting spin-off Cells at Work !: Bacteria has just ended.

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