Cavendish announces that he has overcome a depression after two years: "Now I am on the other side"

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The English cyclist Mark Cavendish has been educated and has been clear about a depression that he began to suffer in 2018. "I have fought hard against depression, which I was diagnosed with in August 2018," Cavendish explains in The Times.

"I have not only had physical problems since 2018. I have struggled very hard with depression. I was diagnosed with clinical depression in August 2018. I did not take any medication, but received help. I was at a bad time. Now I am on the other side. I think I've come out of that and it's a good thing that encourages me to look at positive things "explains the broker.

Cavendish then retired and was unable to compete again until February 2019. depression coincided with another virus, the Epstein-Barr (also known as kissing disease).

The cyclist, who was not chosen for last year's Tour de France, explains that he is looking forward to competing with his new team, Bahrain-McLaren, in the 2020 season, currently paralyzed due to the coronavirus.

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Cavendish also highlights a positive aspect of confinement due to the global coronavirus crisis. "I could easily focus on my career and see my children as teenagers. So being able to stay here and do what mothers and fathers do makes me happy. It keeps me motivated and sane, I guess. " Explain.

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