Castlevania: the producer reveals, "originally the work was not supposed to be streamed"

The Netflix program is enriched with new titles every day, some of which are part of the original catalog of the American giant. In rarer cases, however, the involvement of the streaming portal has strengthened the production and success of some specific works, such is the case with Castlevania.

Today, in fact, the television series has three seasons, a fourth of which is already in production. Despite the inconvenience caused by Covid-19 in the sector, the author Warren Ellis wanted to reassure fans of the state of the work that is proceeding without any delay. Anyway, recently the producer of the series Kevin Kolde he told some curiosities to the microphones of Animation World Network.

The producer, in fact, revealed that the Castlevania anime was in the pipeline for several years before Netflix exclusively hosted its distribution, a partnership that changed some of the plans in the series. The project was initially planned as a output movies directly on home video, without going through any streaming service. But as we know, involvement with the American giant turned the anime into what we all know today.

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"They were also quite quick, but I think it was a difficult choice for them because at the time they were focusing more on animation projects for children than for adults. Anyway, we were lucky enough to work with Larry Tanz, Sam and Adam Deats of Frederator Studio, who were strongly convinced of the potential of this project. "

However, the collaboration with Netflix has inevitably influenced some horror themes, lightened in some cases to prevent the distributor from falling into disputes of any kind:

"In the first few episodes, there are people who are literally torn apart by these monsters, including a boy lying on the ground with his liver outside. There was also a scene in which one of these monsters went around carrying in the jaws a child."

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