cast, plot and release of the psychological thriller

A few hours after the debut of the new psychological thriller signed by Channel 5, the Peaky Blinders actor Emmett J. Scanlan said on The Deceived anticipating creepy twists: discover all the details beyond the jump!

The Deceived It will debut in preview tomorrow, August 3, and in it we will see Scanlan as Michael, a university professor who falls madly in love with his student Ophelia (Emily Reid). When Roisin (Catherine Walker), his wife, dies in a fire Ophelia herself will perceive that there is something suspicious in the accident and little by little she will understand that she is alive and involved in a a darker conspiracy than he could have imagined. In the cast too Declan Rodgers, in the role of Patrick Sullivan; Frank Cannon, who will be Dr. Linehan, and Paul Mescal, as Sean

"Tobias (Beer) and Lisa (McGee) are great writers"Scanlan said. "Together they wrote some breathtaking episodes and I myself am anxious to know what happens next. So, since I was so surprised, I hope he does the same with you: there will be a lot of twists. It is definitely not a comedy: it is a psychological and thriller if you are looking for drama, suspense, a little horror and mystery, then you have found bread for your teeth ".

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For other curiosities and for a preview of what we will see, we leave you the trailer in the player above, while for all the latest updates on the series with Cillian Murphy we refer you to the exciting theory on the ending of Peaky Blinders 5 and the recent advances by Scanlan on Peaky Blinders 6.


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