Carto: the adventure between Carcassonne and Don't Starve is presented in video on PC and PS4

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Coinciding with the presentation of the PlayStation Indies program, the Humble Games leaders announced Carto, an adventure puzzle developed by the authors of Sunhead Games and destined to arrive by the end of 2020 on PC and PlayStation 4.

The title, completely hand-drawn by the artists of the independent software house of Sunhead, is set in an uncontaminated forest and features an adventurer called to make a long journey.

The task entrusted to him by his tribe is quite simple and, at the same time, tremendously complicated: the young hero of this adventure will have to draw the map dangerous and unexplored border territories!

To succeed in this endeavor, ours will be able to rely on a series of magical abilities that will allow him to ideally move the individual boxes of the card before drawing it definitively, with gameplay mechanics that recall Carcassonne.

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By trying these puzzle sessions we will be able to get away from the village and meet unknown tribes, make friends with bizarre characters and solve the environmental puzzles offered by the different biomes of which this colorful microcosm will be composed, with just sketched survival mechanics that seem to draw inspiration from titles such as Don't starve. At this point we just have to leave you at Carto video gameplay, but first we recommend that you also take a look at the presentation trailers of FIST Forge in Shadow Forge, Creaks and Recompile on PS5.

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