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Carlos Rivera asks fans to pray to the Virgin Mary for a pandemic

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Carlos Rivera, one of the first celebrities to complain about the lousy airport service to deal with the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), decided to launch a message on his personal Instagram account to deal with the disease.

"Hear and understand, my son, the smallest, who is nothing that scares and afflicts; I do not know how to trouble your heart; do not fear that disease and anguish. Am I not here, I am your mother? under my shadow? Am I not your health? Are you not by chance on my lap? Do not grieve or worry about anything else; do not grieve your uncle's illness, he will not die of it: he is sure that already healed"wrote the singer.

After Carlos's message, Internet users immediately reacted and did not remain silent, as the artist's words of encouragement somewhat calmed the anxiety crisis that many face in the face of quarantine.

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"Bravo friend! How beautiful that you carry it in your heart. Our pretty brunette", "I love that without fear and with courage, you speak of your Faith and your love for the Blessed Virgin Mary," they wrote to Carlos Rivera.

It is worth mentioning that celebrities have launched several campaigns through social networks to confront the coronavirus.

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