Captain Tsubasa Rise Of New Champions: the right strategy to attack effectively

If you also have some difficulty getting past the goalkeeper’s defense during a Captain Tsubasa Rise of New Champions, especially when you face particularly formidable teams, don’t worry. Thanks to this guide you will be able to transform your attackers into the deadliest bombers in the game.

As you start building each offensive storyline, your goal will obviously be to try to pass one of your forwards, or at most one of your best attacking midfielders. Once one of these players has received the ball, you can finally head towards the goal, and begin a procedure that will allow you to easily free yourself from the shot.

The technique that we are going to analyze basically translates into one sequence of dribbling and shooting. The execution of this strategy is very simple and mechanical, and it only takes a little bit of timing on your part in dribbling at the right time, before the opposing defender manages to snatch the ball from your attacker’s feet. If you succeed, you will be able to easily overtake the defender, gaining fundamental meters and creating numerical superiority, but, more importantly, you will be able to accumulate technical points, a kind of impetus extra offensive, which, once accumulated enough, will allow you to load up your shots much faster. To get this bonus, just make a total of two dribbles against the opposing defenders: if both are successful, a small cinematic cutscene will be performed, and you will begin to notice a ring bright around your player, indicating that the boost is available for the shot.

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At this point you will be free to shoot: you will most likely not be able to pass the goalkeeper’s defense on the first shot, but the goal of this strategy is not to score with every shot, but rather to progressively weaken the resistance of the goalkeeper opponent, emptying his Spirit gauge. In fact, to make saves and defensive interventions, the goalkeepers of Captain Tsubasa Rise of New Champions must spend a certain amount of Spirit, which varies according to the size and power of the incoming shot; if the Spirit is not enough, the ball will end up irremediably in the net. Consequently, using this strategy 3 or 4 times in a row you will be able to wear down even the stamina of the strongest goalkeepers of the game, then guaranteeing you the possibility to score with certainty. Of course, you can always decide to take advantage of special and enhanced shots, which will consume the Spirit of your attacker but will make the shot significantly more difficult for the opposing far defender to block.

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