Captain Marvel 2, Nia DaCosta was also requested by Star Wars: “Marvel came first”

After the excellent work done with Little Woods and the remake of Candyman (at least according to the insiders, since the film is not yet out), Nia DaCosta has been hired by Marvel Studios to direct Captain Marvel 2. Apparently, however, the director was also one of the first choices for a Star Wars movie.

“We just need time to step back and really absorb what George Lucas has created, and then start thinking about where we want to go.” Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm, explained about the direction the franchise is taking. “That’s what we’re doing, and we’re also having a lot of fun meeting a lot of different filmmakers and talents. There are a lot of filmmakers and fans out there who have been influenced by Star Wars, and it’s a fantastic opportunity to know who wants to be a part of it.”

During the recent interview with The Wrap, the producer confirmed that hiring female directors “is absolutely a priority” and expressed all his esteem towards DaCosta. “I was actually sad because I love Nia DaCosta, who has just been announced as the director of Captain Marvel 2. She’s another director I’ve been watching, and I think she’s incredibly talented.” Kennedy added, thus revealing that Marvel beat it on time per obtain the services of the director.

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The release date of the second Captain Marvel film, we remember, is set for 8 July 2022.


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