Captain America # 25: Sharon Carter is back in action with a new costume

The new series of Capitan America is continuing with numerous and important changes for Steve Rogers and his allies, and volume 24 by Ta-Nehisi Coates and Daniel Acuna, showed the return of Red Skull, and also a new costume for Sharon Carter, special agent of SHIELD and companion of Cap.

In past adventures Sharon had been wearing the Iron Patriot suit to face Selene Gallio, even at the end of the fight Shuri, Daughter of Liberty, used her magical powers to restore Carter’s body to a younger age, thus making her much faster and more powerful. But that’s not all, since Toni Ho wanted to perfect some mechanism, also adding new features to Sharon’s costume.

The volume opens with Toni committed to presenting the improvements he is working on, and reveals that the prototype for now is capable of generating a force field, would allow Sharon to act against gravity for a short time, and it also seems to have internal energy cannons, similar to those of Iron Man. A first look at the costume was possible thanks to the final table, which you can find below.

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We remember that recently the Red Hulk and Cap have faced each other, and we let you discover the origins of the iconic shield of Captain America.


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