Candela Márquez wanted Nicole Kidman's look, but they ruined her long hair

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The desperate actress asked for help to find a professional stylist to help her with the problem

Candela Márquez wanted Nicole Kidman's look, but they ruined her long hair

Candela Márquez.

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Spanish actress Candela Márquez He reported on Instagram the drama he suffered after his long hair was ruined in a beauty salon in Los Angeles, United States.

According to the same actress, the problem began when she decided to follow the advice of a very close person and make a makeover, since for some years she had had her hair in a clear and unstained tone, so she attended a aesthetic to finally change the look:

“I was not 100% convinced to do it but I had the support of this person and thought that a change would be good. So we went to the most “hard” aesthetic of Los Angeles at @thebeverlyhills @bevhillshotel where they told me that in their day, great celebrities of HOLLYWOOD had done their hair there… then I went! ”, he shared.

Convinced of making a radical change, Candle asked the manager to make a cut and dye like that of Nicole Kidman, but after several hours of work, the results were not what she wanted, so she said:

"He started working and threw himself with me 6 hours in the aesthetic because he first started making white wicks then the red root then all the red hair, then orange, he repainted it again and again and so on and all he did was laugh like That everything was fine. This was the final result and I also told him that that was not what I had asked … he told me that with the washings it would stay like this"

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He also shared how much he paid for the disaster he was made: “He charged me $ 690 plus 150 tip..total? 840 dollars (16,500 Mexican pesos) I also cut my hair when I only asked for the tips…. TYPICAL!"

The soap opera villain is already in Mexico, where she desperately asked to help her find a true professional who could take away the terrible color

"CAN SOMEONE HELP ME TO REMOVE THIS COLOR? That I have to do?? They had never painted my hair, this for me is new"

Despite the bad time, Candle He had time to make a joke with his dog: “Same hair tone but Duna has it more evenly“, He wrote next to the photograph.

Finally, the Spanish woman is already under a vitamin-based hair treatment, but she is aware that there is still a long way to go to recover her hair.

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