Call of Duty Warzone on mobile? It’s Possible: Clues From Activision Job Offer!

It seems that Call of Duty: Warzone is ready to land on mobile devices. To imply this is a job offer published by Activision, aimed at hiring an Executive Producer for a new mobile game called “WZM”, possible code name for a “Warzone Mobile“.

At the time of writing, the job offer is no longer available, but colleagues from PC Gamer they reported a good part of it: “as Executive Producer you will take care of the product framing and the gaming experience of a new AAA FPS mobile title belonging to fCall of Duty ranchise. […] The person we are looking for is an experienced communicator and a leader in the field of development, able to define and grasp the most important elements for the creation of a first-class mobile shooter“.

While this is a rather generic description, the job posting also contains some details regarding its own Call of Duty: Warzone. In fact, among the objectives that the ideal candidate will have to achieve we find:

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  • “rwelcome, adapt and implement the essential functions of the console and PC version of Warzone on mobile devices“;
  • improve the Warzone formula by proposing and creating specific additions for mobile and changes to features that guarantee afirst-rate mobile experience“;

It is important to point out that a Call of Duty mobile title already exists, that is Call of Duty: Mobile, but it is possible that Activision has plans to expand further into the market battle royale. On the other hand Call of Duty Warzone has proved to be a successful product and the hypothesis does not seem unrealistic: at the moment, however, there is no official confirmation in this sense. Pending any updates from Activision, we take this opportunity to report our guide to COD: Warzone, by Giovanni Panzano.


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