Call of Duty Warzone: Intel mission guide Sins of the Father

Also this week the Intel missions of Call of Duty Warzone continue which require you to investigate various locations around the game map. Each stage of the assignment will grant you a XP increase and will make you discover some curiosities about history.

Let’s see step by step what needs to be done to complete the third Intel mission Sins of the Father:

Intel #1: as in the previous Intel mission, this time too the first clue (necessary to start the chain of investigations) is found in Prison, precisely on the top of one of the 4 central towers. You have to look on the iron grate of the outermost right tower, looking towards Farmlands. Once found, you will be rewarded with 2,500 XP.

Intel #2: the clue tells you that a subway surveillance camera may have seen something. Head to the building east of the airport and the fire station hangars: you will see a camera above the leftmost double doors of the building in question, the ones that are right there. in front of an entrance to the metro. Approach and collect the second clue, which will grant you 5,000 XP.

Intel #3: it appears that a load has been moved by the metro. To understand what it is and find the third clue, you will have to go toAtlas Superstore. Coming from the north, enter through the rightmost door. In front of you you will see large shelves connected by a sort of bridge that you can climb on. Do this, and as you progress through the scaffold you will find a teddy bear which hides your goal (5,000 XP).

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Intel #4: Clue n ° 3 directs you to the Stadium. You have to find a dell’Atlas truck parked in the south-east car park of the stadium, next to the bridge that connects the internal road to the external one. In the back of the aforementioned truck is the fourth clue (5,000 XP).

Clue # 5: The fifth and final clues are also found in the Stadium. The fifth requires you to enter the secret stadium suite, number 320, so you must have previously unlocked access via code (this is the Stadium’s Easter Egg). Once you enter the hall, you will need to collect three items: one on the desk, one on the blackboard in front of the server booths, the last one on Verdansk map (5,000 XP).

Clue # 6: The last part of the Intel is inside the underground parking and also for this you should know the easter egg about the Stadium. You need the password P2-16 to enter the secret room that contains the computer on which you will find the last clue, thus completing the quest chain (5,000 XP).


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