Call of Duty: Warzone debuts classic gulag-free battle royale mode and purchase stations

This week it reaches Call of Duty: Warzone a new game mode that has been called Classic Battle Royale and that offers the experience with which this fashion genre began to become popular.

In this free title, Infinity Ward gives whoever can save himself a twist with additions such as purchase stations where you can get weapons, armor and diverse equipment; contracts with which to obtain loot and money; as well as a gulag to go to the first time you die in a game for a 1v1 confrontation that allows you to return to the battlefield if you win.

All these elements are the ones that disappear in this new game mode for a limited time to offer an experience similar to what can be found in games like PUBG or in the early days of Fortnite, without any help beyond the weapons that the earth gives. and the ability of each player to emerge victorious from each shooting.

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This is one of the many novelties that arrive this week after an update that has meant the download of an additional 30 GB for players who already come from similar or larger downloads in recent months.

Among the new features that affect Warzone is the Armor Box, which works exactly like the Ammo Box, allowing an entire team to reload all their armor in a moment of need. It can be found on the floor, in boxes, or purchased at the buying stations.

Another novelty is the list of weapons available in the gulag, being now available: Kilo 141, M4, AK-47, M13, SCAR, Ram-7, MP5, AUG, P90 and Striker 45, which will cheer many players tired of always use difficult shotguns or a treacherous revolver.


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