Call of Duty: Warzone cheats are furious with two-step verification

A few days ago we told you that Infinity Ward had decided to implement two-step verification overnight for all new users of Call of Duty: Warzone, thus forcing players permanently expelled for cheating to put in a new phone number every time they want to play again with a new account.

It seems that the measure has turned out to be very effective and in the forums where the cheats buy the programs with which they obtain an advantage within the game, the first angry critics are beginning to be seen.

Players are having a lot of fun observing how all these toxic users are unable to return to play after having paid for the aids granted by automatic targeting and other advantages not allowed within any active competitive video game.

One of those affected by this new protection measure said “Confirmed that you cannot get more free accounts in Warzone, you have to enter a new mobile number to link each account” he said before explaining that the program he had bought worked but ended with a permanent expulsion of the user account whenever he used it.

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It seems that Infinity Ward can score a victory in this war against the cheats that have been fighting for months and that has caused the community to show its discontent on multiple occasions. We’ve even seen console gamers turn off crossover gaming to stop encountering cheats, who always come from PCs because it’s where these programs can be run more easily.


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