Call of Duty Modern Warfare: guide and tricks to face Season 2

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The wait has finally come to an end and for some hours now the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 2 has brought a breath of fresh air in the Activision first-person shooter.

However, it seems that the surprises are not over yet and that the battle royale Call of Duty WarZone mode is about to make its arrival at any moment. If you don't want to miss anything of the new Season and at the same time want to speed up the unlocking of the contents offered, here are some useful tips for you.

Arms race

The developers of Call of Duty Modern Warfare have reassured fans since the announcement of the game on total absence of microtransactions that benefit users in some way: the result is that all new seasonal weapons can be unlocked for free as long as you reach specific levels of the Season Pass. Precisely for this reason, whether you decide to purchase the Season Pass or not, the advice we can give you is to complete at least the first 30 levels of this Season 2, so as to have access to both Grau 5.56, a assault that recalls in some respects the old Commando, and the Striker 45, a submachine gun whose appearance is practically identical to the glorious UMP-45 and which probably does not bear that name due to licensing problems. We suggest you get hold of both weapons as it is not yet clear whether and how those of previous seasons such as the Holger-26 light machine gun and the RAM-7 assault rifle will be made available to new players and, in doubt, it is always better to add these death tools to your arsenal within the time limit. If you have any doubts about how to obtain weapons, please read our guide on how to unlock Grau 5.56 and Striker 45 for free in Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 2.

Daily and weekly challenges

The main objective of any Call of Duty: Modern Warfare player at the start of a new season is to reach the maximum level of the pass within the few weeks available. The best way to speed up the climb in question is simply to accumulate large quantities of experience and, in this regard, we can only advise you to complete the daily challenges whenever possible. On daily reset, which you have at 19:00 here in Italy, the game offers three different challenges of increasing difficulty with cosmetic objects such as pendants, sprays and emblems at stake. Some of these challenges, which are assigned in a completely random way, can be complex for players who find it difficult to make long killing streaks or to recall the most advanced killstreaks. In these cases, you may find the combination of the Procurement series with the Unyielding perk very useful, so as to drop a crate with a series of random kills from the sky that could contain just what you need.

Do not forget also that one of the new features of this season is represented by the Weekly Challenges, another source of Experience Points thanks to which you can progress even faster among the pass levels. If you need some advice on these objectives, we remind you that on our pages you will find the guide to completing all the challenges of Week 1 of Season 2 of COD Modern Warfare.

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If you are a true completist, we cannot fail to mention the missions of the Barracks, now present in every season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. From level 55 (the starting one for each season) at 155 you will unlock a particular challenge at each level up which, if completed, will reward you with a good deal of XP and special emblems. For every 10 challenges completed you will get an exclusive seasonal emblem. The indefatigable who will be able to complete all 100 challenges (we warn you, it may not be a task for everyone) will bring home an animated version of the final emblem to show off on their name plate in the multiplayer lobby. The completion of the challenges, which you can consult in the Barracks under the heading Grade Progression, is not essential unlike the achievement of level 155, which is not only within everyone's reach but gives access to a legendary project at the launch of the following season.

Projects and skins for operators

In a game like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare it is important to look after the growth of your experience level but also the eye wants its part and, therefore, it is always good to unlock all the projects and alternative skins of the operators. Each season the missions screen updates with a series of challenges that allow you to unlock new special weapons and alternative styles for the various characters, through various stages that will be accessible with progress in the Battle Pass. Completing these challenges not only allows you to accumulate a large amount of experience points (each mission step rewards you with a minimum of 2,000 and a maximum of 8,000 XP) but also emblems, pendants, sprays and much more. Also keep in mind that accessing projects is functional to obtaining not only unique weapon skins, but also advanced accessories for those weapons that you have not strengthened enough.

Happy Hour and Regiments

Another way to get a feast of experience in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is definitely to join a regiment or create one. In fact, among your clan settings you can establish your own Happy Hour, that is 60 minutes during the day during which you just have to play in a team with at least one other member of the clan to get double experience points. This is a rather short period compared to the whole weekend offered over the past few weeks, but by taking advantage of this bonus every day you will certainly be able to keep going on the pass. To maximize the experience obtained in that period of time, you could also play the very useful Playlists 24/7 (preferably in the Veteran version) that vary every week and thanks to which you can perform many kills in a single game. If you want to know more about the clans, you can always read our guide to the COD Modern Warfare Regiments, in which we explain how to set the Happy Hour and change the color of the Clan Tag.

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