Bruce Willis must save his family in 'Survive the Night'

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Bruce Willis is one of the actors who are most accustomed to us about "ending the bad guys", not to mention the great phrases with which he has not delighted in the cinema. After starring in sagas like 'Jungla de Cristal' or films like 'El Justiciero', it seems that Willis will have to deal with some somewhat violent thieves in his new movie, 'Survive the Night'whose official trailer just saw the light.

East home invasion will come to our houses On Demand next May and in it Willis plays Frank, a retired sheriff you will need to regain the skills of your old job when two criminals on the run threaten the lives of those closest to him. The official synopsis reads as follows: “After his brother Mathias is injured in a robbery that goes wrong, Jamie follows an emergency doctor from the hospital to his home. There, Jamie holds the doctor's wife and daughter hostage as he orders her to operate on her brother. Rich and his father, Frank, will team up to ensure the safety of their family. "

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frame from the movie survive the night, with bruce willis


'Survive the Night' has been directed by Matt Eskandari ('A 3 and a half meters'), and together with Willis complete the cast Chad Michael Murray, Tyler Jon Olson, Shea Buckner, Lydia Hull, and Jessica Abrams.

Lionsgate will digitally release 'Survive the Night' on May 22 after being rated "R" for its "Violence, bloody imagery and bad language at all times."

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