Brian de Palma did not want sequels of 'Mission Impossible'

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In 1996, an adaptation of a series starring Tom Cruise. It was called 'Mission Impossible' and it was signed by the director of masterpieces like 'Scarface' or 'Carrie', Brian de Palma. After her came five more films, giving rise to one of the most famous action franchises in history. But, until when can or should the number of films of 'Impossible Mission' be extended?

This 2020 the production of two more began, 'Mission Impossible 7 and 8', but according to the director of the first tape, perhaps one should think about stopping the beat. In an interview with AP News De Palma has revealed that, in his opinion, these sequels to come, in addition to all the previous ones, are of more:

"The stories have lengthened only by Economic issues. After doing 'Mission Impossible' Tom Cruise asked me to start working on the next one. I told: 'are you kidding'? With one is enough. Why would someone want to make another one? Of course, the second reason was to make money. I have never been a movie director making money, which is Hollywood's main problem. It is the corruption of Hollywood. "

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Unfortunately De Palma is right: 'Mission Impossible' has become a safe business, especially as a result of 'Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol' (2011), the film with which the franchise revived. What's more, 'Mission Impossible': Fallout 'became the highest grossing box office movie ever. And everything indicates that when the next two are led by Christopher McQuarrie repeat success.

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