Brand New Animal arrives on Netflix: today the debut of the Studio Trigger anime

The summer season is about to begin, bringing back so many souls who had been forced to stop and postponements in recent months. ONE PIECE, Boruto and others are about to return to Japanese TVs, and consequently on streaming platforms, but there is also room for brand new souls. And in this Netflix never stops, publishing Brand New Animal.

As June ends, Netflix is ​​making its new Studio Trigger work available to its users. After Beastars a new product based on anthropomorphic animals arrives on the platform under the direction of Yoh Yoshinari and the screenplay by Kazuki Nakashima. Brand New Animal is set in a world where humanity still rules, but incomprehensibly some humans suddenly turn into beastmen.

Michiru is a simple high school student who lives her everyday life as a human. However one day she will have to deal with a strange transformation that will lead her to become a girl with animal features, specifically with the characteristics of a tanuki. He will therefore decide to leave his city to go to Anima City, which is said to be a place where these beings halfway between humans and beasts can live in peace.

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For Brand New Animal a manga has been published on Tonari no Young Jump.


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